Pinup Madonna


Speaking of the new trends I mentioned in a previous post, just posted a summary of trends (well, its 221 photos, so not a summary in actuality) for women’s S/S 07. My favourites, as I mentioned, were the eighties revival and futurism.

I couldn’t help but take note of the pinup girls trend. It made me think right back to the launch of Madonna’s Confessions on  Dancefloor album in the Autumn of 2005, where she pranced around in a purple leotard in Hung Up video. Some people (and countries) were scandalised by it at the time (see this article about her purple-leotarded performance being banned in Malaysia ). Let’s just say not everyone could appreciate this latest Madonna avatar. But given the looks shown in this part of the trend watch on, many designers loved  the look (maybe unconsciously?) and channeled it in their S/S 07 collections. Though they might not admit it, Madonna is their pinup girl. Now, too bad she couldn’t get a royalty stream from that as well.

[photo from, Confessions on a Dancefloor]