Ogling Osman, London Fashion Week

P1030931 Osman Yousefzada’s A/W Collection bowed this evening in Selfridge’s 7th floor car park. For one thing, that must have made it easier for his sponsor, Saab, to get their sleek cars into the venue for the eyes of ogling fashionistas. A lot easier, say, than a 7th floor art gallery or church or museum.

Somehow, the edgy venue and refined collection came together very well in a sort of  modern elegance, best exemplified by a hooded-dress that looked stunning from behind. There were also Lily Cole’s legs in a short sea grey skirt with ruffly pleats. A stream a immacuately cut dresses and trousers followed, each with hints of embellishment (okay, sometimes they were more than hints) and draping. While still a commercial collection you could imagine in the boutiques , it was a stronger statement of Osman’s signature than the last collection, which lacked the maturity that the new collection demonstrated. Some of the skin-tight mini dresses didnt work as well, though they were well-executed.

Selfridge’s are actively supporting Osman, having provided him with a coveted Oxford street window during Fashion Week, provided the venue for his show, and securing exclusivityfor Osman’s collection in London. It is great to see the industry get behind a designer and support him. It benefits both parties – so everybody wins.

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