Swarovski Sparkles

This is this coolest new site to see the hottest fashion shows in London, Paris and New York, courtesy of the folks at Swarovski. This is a great find for me as I won’t be able to go to many shows this season – maybe one a day in the morning or in the evening, after work.


Season after season, Swarovski sponsors some of the hottest young talent by giving them free product to use in their creations and sponsorship money to fund catwalk shows. This year, as per usual, London is disproporationately represented in the list of designers. Now you can watch their shows, courtesy of Swarovski, in their full glory – not edited down to digestible bites (or bytes, if you prefer) like on Style.com.

So why dole out all the cash and free product to young designers? For the same reasons the MAC and Saab and many other large companies do the same. Apart from the satisfaction of supporting creative talent, Swarovski also gets its brand associated with hip young designers and the halo effect gives the brand the fashion edge it is aspiring towards.

I wonder if Swarovski will take the site any further after fashion week is over to make further links to the fashion space.