Links of the week: Ethical plastic, Tom Ford, and Rodnik for HBS

P1030921 Exposed: I am not an Ethical Bag and Susie Bubble: I am not a Smug Twat
The Anya Hindmarch "I am not a Plastic Bag" PR catastrophe got worse when it was revealed that the bags were made in China and probably cost a carbon fooprint fortune to get them over to the UK. Now, in an even funnier twist, Susie Bubble has photos of ripoff bags m0cking the buyers of those bags, saying "I am not a smug twat" on sale for £19, but currently sold out. Certainly not the expected turn of events for Sainsbury’s, or Anya Hindmarch, or most upsettingly, for the genuine campaigners for ethical and socially responsible consumption. BoF first discussed this issue back when a horde of desparate shoppers queued up my street, clamouring for the bags on weekday morning.

New York Magazine: Tom Ford After Sex
Another article on Tom Ford (he’s clearly got PR under control) this time from New York Magazine. If you want to get into the psyche of the man himself, this article will help you get there.

Financial Times, Style: Models of a Financial Kind
You’ve heard of Roland Mouret for Gap and Giles Deacon for New Look, but now its Rodnik for HBS. Back in the Autumn, I talked to Rich and Phil of Rodnik about designing a t-shirt for the 5th year reunion of my business school class. They have woven this into their latest Financial Times column on the Adventures of Fashion.

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