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One amazing thing about the fashion blogosphere is that it is global, in the truest sense of the word. Major brands and media everywhere are sitting up and taking notice of this phenomenon, and smart journalists are questioning how this will change the industry going forward.

Candy Soo of Hong Kong’s pre-eminent English language daily, The South China Morning Post, recently published an article on the growing influence of fashion blogs and how the industry is (slowly) coming to terms with it. The article interviews bloggers behind several fashion blogs, including The Business of Fashion, and handbag designer Rafe Totengco talks about how he uses his blog to promote his brand and solicit feedback from his clientele.

Thank you to Candy for starting the discussion and for soliciting our opinions.

How do you think fashion blogging will change the industry?



Image and article courtesy of the South China Morning Post

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  1. By enabling anyone to become part of the media, blogging has let more people commenting more consistently on more angles on the fashion industry. A lot of blogs have gone vertical, delving deeper into one subject. For instance, some blogs are all about one designer, as Rafe Totengco’s. Some are all about a type of fashion accessories, like handbags (e.g The Bag Blog http://www.thebagblog.com/, In My Bag http://inmybag.blogspot.com/, or The Purse Blog http://www.purseblog.com/). Others are about the industry, as is yours about the changing business of fashion or more modestly mine, focused on one facet of this evolution, i.e. the use of online marketing in the fashion industry (Fashion Fox http://www.fashion-fox.com). But for the moment, we still need fashion mavens such as editors from the leading fashion magazines, maybe even more so. We need them to make sense of all the trends, to give a broad overview of what is going on, especially when fashion blogs are focusing on their relevant but narrow niches. So, this may be a new ecosystem, with big fashion mags, in both their traditional and online formats, launching and interpreting trends, while attracting big advertisers. Meanwhile, we may see fashion blogs concentrating their efforts on only one topic of their choice, so that they can appear more “relevant” to a certain a keyword phrase within Google’s search results (e.g. “extravagant handbags”). These blogs would attract retailers focused one type of products year-long and attract some campaigns for some products from a big advertiser at certain times of the year (e.g. a 4-week campaign for the Chanel Diamond Forever tote). Feel free to comment on my entry, I would happy to read your feedback ;-)

  2. blogger’s may have a growing influence, but we are only a mirror to what’s already out there: on the streets, in magazines and, of course, on the runways.

  3. tks for the effort you put in here I appreciate it!

    MichaellaS from Llangollen, Wrexham, United Kingdom