Street Clash: Aggregating global street style

I recently came across Street Clash, the innovative global street style competition which is creating a buzz in the fashion blogosphere. The blog brings together the Sartorialist-style photos from cities around the world, pitting Melbourne against Kiev against San Francisco against London…all vying for the honour of being declared the city with coolest street style, voted on by the Street Clash’s readers.

It’s the second round of the competition, and Paris and London are already out of the running, demonstrating that the best style isn’t necessarily in the established fashion capitals. For example, I wasn’t too surprised to see my old hometown, Montréal, one of the most fashionable cities in the world, beat my current hometown, London. But, when I saw that Perth beat Paris, I was shocked. A friend recently told me that Perth is the most isolated city (with a population greater than 1m residents) in the world.  Maybe isolation breeds creativity?

Whatever the case, this is a great way of making the street-style blog phenomenon take on an even more Fashion 2.0 angle, by involving readers to let their opinions be heard.

Photos courtesy of Street Clash