Links: Giancarlo Giametti Q&A, Andre J and BoF Publishing


On the Runway: Q&A with Giancarlo Giametti
In a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the evolution of Valentino’s business over the past 45 years, his business partner Giancarlo Giametti provides his candid thoughts in a frank exchange with Cathy Horyn. He lambastes financial investors for thinking they can profit from the industry without understanding and respecting its creativity, admits to the over-eager (but lucrative) licensing period in the 80s, and provides a history of the various suitors and owners of Valentino over the years.

AndrejfrenchNew York Times: A Cover Girl Who’s Simply Himself
We first came across Andre J. on Malcolm Harris’ Cut Sew and Blog which was featured on the Business of Fashion in September. Andre had been selected by Cut, Sew and Blog’s community as the face of Mal Sirrah’s collection for S/S 2008. Then, Andre J appeared on the cover of French Vogue in November and now, in this article from Guy Trebay, we learn how all of this came to happen.

Business of Fashion:  In the Financial Times, and JC Report
We have started publishing articles in other important publications. Our first article for the Financial Times on Italian investors in fashion has finally been published online along with the rest of the FT’s superb Business of Fashion supplement. We also shared a little tidbit about Daniel Craig’s disappearing act at the Walpole Awards with Stay tuned for upcoming articles in the December issue of L’Officiel India, a curated tour of new Fashion 2.0 sites in JC Report later this week, and our lowdown on how luxury companies should think about Web 2.0 in the next FT Business of Fashion supplement.

Photoclip courtesy of New York Times. Andre J/Carolyn Murphy cover courtesy of Paris Vogue.