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It’s been a long time since the days of disco, Studio54 and the iconic American fashion brand Halston. But, Net-a-Porter and the new team behind Halston are teaming up to use some very 21st century technology to  bring the brand back to life.

Next week, the newly-relaunched Halston will hold its first runway show at the Gagosian Gallery in New York. In a fashion first, two of the featured looks  will be available on Net-a-Porter the very next day for immediate delivery, less than 24 hours after the designs are revealed.

Historically, high-fashion collections are shown months before the clothes actually hit the shopfloor. This was fine in the days before the Internet and fast-fashion retailers, but in recent years, it’s only served to give time for others to knock-off the looks and get them to the market long before the real ones appear.

Natalie Massenet, Net-a-Porter’s innovative Chairman and Founder describes the collaboration with Halston as a way of turning the fashion cycle on its head, telling Women’s Wear Daily:

I am sure this will be a shock to the brands that specialize in knocking off some of the talent in the fashion industry. They had their cake and have been eating it for a while, and we’re now saying, ‘We work with the brand to reclaim their ability to sell their product first.’"

Halston_2_3 This is the second time that Net-a-Porter has surprised the industry with an innovative Internet collaboration. Last July, Net-a-Porter rang up more than $1m in sales in an exclusive online collaboration with RM 19, the new label designed by Roland Mouret.

Bonnie Takhar, who joined Halston from Jimmy Choo to become CEO of Halston, is understandably excited about the opportunity to have the ripples from the New York relaunch to be felt around the world.

"When I think of Net-a-Porter, I don’t necessarily only think of it strictly as a distribution channel. The format is really unique. There is the retail association with elements of editorial content. The way it is presented is fantastic for what I am trying to achieve, which is to increase brand awareness with the right copy and font."

On Wednesday, Net-a-Porter will launch a Halston microsite to reintroduce consumers to the brand with commentary from respected fashion writer and historian Colin McDowell, Senior Fashion Writer of the Sunday Times Style magazine.

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  1. I think this is a great idea for high end designers to get a few samples of their collections made available to the public on such short notice. It not only offer exclusivity but it will feed the fire for demand. Well done. The only problem that I can see with this are “fashion scalpers”, which I very much doubt there are many who can afford several pieces, but you may never know.

  2. We see no value for the customer to respond to this tactic. Cheap is cheap. And that’s where this collection is headed. By fall, Halston will be on the selling floors of all discount dollar stores throughout America. Now how chic will you look while sipping a one dollar Starbucks cup of coffee?

    artefact212 from Gloversville, NY, United States
  3. Smart move – and not only for the fast fashion set. As today’s shows are instantly available online, the runway is evolving. It’s still about editors and buyers, but it’s also about creating a spectacle that can build your brand before a global audience of web-savvy consumers. It only makes sense to extend that conversation through artfully integrated e-commerce.

  4. i love vintage halston and to me it is such a luxurious, classic brand. i heard of this news and cannot yet imagine how they will make a come-back, so it will certainly be very interesting!! anyway, i just found your website. as a (wannabe) designer myself and fashion hog, i’m really loving your articles. thanks! i’ve subscribed and bookmarked. will be back for more. :)

  5. What an interesting move by Net-a-Porter. They always manage to stay one step ahead in terms of marketing. When I read the article I thought it is such an obvious way for the fashion industry to evolve. Make the goods available instantly and use the huge amount of press coverage that shows generate to help sales is a very clever move. Then when the high-street garments “inspired” by the collection in question are ready 5 weeks later the buzz surrounding the garments might have died down slightly and the customer who would never buy the original anyway can get the look for less without much harm done to the initial design. Everybody wins.