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In the run-up to the Easter long weekend, which has already begun here in London, we thought we’d share some our new favourites for lazy Sunday reading from the ever expanding fashion  and business blogosphere.

JC Report
Not technically a blog, but now presented in a blog format, JC Report is one of the leading online authorities for thoughtful fashion content on the cutting edge. We’ve been working with Jason Campbell, JC Report’s charismatic founder, on restructuring the JCR value proposition, launching a newly designed site, and engaging JCR’s truly global fashion community. We’re delighted with the results: daily news, editorial and intelligence that you can’t find anywhere else.  The latest issue, released yesterday, features a denim hunter from London, shopping in Kuala Lumpur, and the masculine tailoring trend sweeping through the A/W women’s collections. For the next month, the JC Report site is being curated by photographer Miguel Villalobos. Congratulations to Jason and his team.

Wear Palettes
Who isn’t a fan of the Sartorialist? Well now, you can take things one step further to understand why Scott Schuman’s photos always seem to hit the right notes — colour notes, that is. Wear Palettes takes some of The Sartorialist’s best photos and distills the underlying colour palettes that make his photos so striking.


Tom Fishburne
During our time in business school, we were constantly entertained by the insightful cartoons by one of our enigmatic classmates which appeared in the student newspaper. I don’t know Tom personally, but came across his blog the other day, which provides clever insights in marketing and branding through the powerful medium of the cartoon.


Cartoon courtesy of Tom Fishburne and photos courtesy of JC Report, the Sartorialist, and Wear Palettes.

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  1. You’re everywhere lately! Love the news, didn’t realize you were working with JC Report – kudos on the new site, so much more compatible with my iPhone (key criteria lately in the sites I read in the rare spare moments). The cartoon is a tonic, I work with all of those, and I know I’m a few of those…. I’m wishing for a beautiful Anna Piaggi book to sit front and center on my coffee table. Something layered, eccentric, inspired and unhinged.

    Randall from United States