Rivy Ng and Jsen Wintle | Emerging menswear talents to watch


In our ongoing collaboration with JC Report, we recently contributed two articles about some promising emerging brands, and we wanted to make sure BoF readers could learn about these talented young designers too.

Rivy_ng_cable_cardigan_with_old_lir The first designer came to our attention when we spotted a friend sporting the coolest cardigan. When we asked who designed it we  expected to hear the names Ann Demeulemeester or Rick Owens — but  instead came a name we had never hear before: Rivy Ng.

Our article for JC Report discusses Rivy’s international background and step-by-step approach to building his fashion label. This is definitely a label to watch for its discreet understated style and emphasis on quality. (Speaking of which, the New York Time has an interesting take on Bottega Veneta and discreet luxury, one of our favourite topics here on the Business of Fashion).

Jsen_wintle_2We also profiled London’s most promising young menswear designer,Jsen Wintle, someone who has graced the pages of the Business of Fashion in the past for his luxurious menswear, with a Savile Row touch.

Jsen also happens to be an interior designer with a unusually clear brand concept and vision, especially for someone so early in their career. If you’re in London and you’d like to experience a space with Jsen’s handwriting, check out the Silver Room at Hush in Mayfair.

Photos courtesy of WINTLE and Rivy Ng.

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  1. I noticed you guys contributing to JC report and in particular liked the articles on the two emerging mens-wear lines, which appear very strong. As a big fan of JC report, I do indeed see some areas in which BoF and JCR display complimentary information. A valuable source of spotting new trends. Continue guys, Holger

    Holger Siemons from New Delhi, Delhi, India
  2. Thank you very much for posting the NYT link on Bottega Veneta. I’m pleased to see my hunch about people now looking for “sustainable fashion” (London luxury downturn comment) seconded by one of my favorite designers!

    Caricouture from Sligo, County Sligo, Ireland
  3. I found the Rivy Ng collection extremely derivative…it will be interesting to see if he develops a more distinct signature of his own.

    Caricouture from Sligo, County Sligo, Ireland
  4. Thank you for the article about Rivy Ng collection. I’m glad to see his collection mentioned on BoF. I own a few pieces from his collection and have gotten compliments on every occasions I’ve worn them. Apart from that, the pieces are so comfortable I live in them. 2 thumbs up for the constant write up of new designers and trends. I’m a big fan of BoF and JCR. Great Jobs Guys, Holden

    Holden from Italy