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LONDON, United Kingdom - While taking a whirl around the Internet these days you’re bound to bump into an online fashion magazine – or ten. Everyone from Richard Mortimer of Boombox fame to Net-a-Porter’s Natalie Massenet is getting in on the action – and looking for ways to monetise it.

For a long time, content developers had a hard time creating a distinction between simple websites and bonafide online magazines. But, in the past year, a plethora of online magazines have emerged with three common threads:

Multimedia:   The new magazines are a veritable multi-media festival. For some content consumers, particularly younger tech-savvy types, a multi-media experience is the only way to capture (and keep) their attention: lots of videos, blogs, and communities.

Integration: The trick here has been to create a truly integrated experience across different channels — for example,  how do you make an offline page really come alive on the Internet? Creating complementary content that can be consumed separately, and together, satisfies even the most demanding multi-tasker.

Convergence: meets Neiman Content companies are integrating commerce models into their sites while commerce companies are creating their own content, and thereby, becoming content destinations in and of themselves. 

To mark the surge of online magazines, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the most interesting concepts to watch:


1. NY Times T Magazine: With thought-provoking editorial, sharp images and full page advertisements, this is the place to find the experience that most closely captures that of reading a great offline magazine. But, it doesn’t end there. T also kicks things into a whole new gear with seamlessly-integrated video and a daily blog, “The Moment”, resulting in a true multi-media experience. We think this one is a winner, and by the sounds of it, the advertisers are loving it too.


2. Net-a-Porter Notes: Did you know that Net-a-Porter puts out a new edition of its online magazine every single week? Last week, Natalie Massenet told me that “Net-a-Porter Notes” is a key part of making Net-a-Porter an online fashion destination with both content and commerce. Just click on the  magazine images or trends, and you are magically transported to the Net-a-Porter commerce site. How efficient!



3. London’s fashion community descended on a pre-launch breakfast for the new last week. Editor Dolly Jones tells us that the new site will launch in a few weeks and will be “completely different” from the current site. devotees will have already noticed that the site has been using more and more video content in recent months – a sign of things to come? Will there be a commerce play too? Stay tuned.



4. A couple of weeks ago I met East London impresario Richard Mortimer and asked him about which just launched today. I can see why Richard described it as a project of passion, working with people I like.” This may be why there is no apparent business model. However, this think-about-money-later formula has worked for Richard in the past – Boombox spawned a book, was invited to replicate itself in Milan and Paris, and drew attention (read: money) from big brands like Burberry


5. New York Look: The second issue of New York Look magazine has hit the stands, with the online version to hit the site in the next couple of weeks. We reviewed the launch issue in the Autumn, and enjoyed its insider perspective and interesting editorial. Case and point: the new issue features Janet Ozzard’s interview with Cathy Horyn on the end of the runway show in an “online-only” fashion world.



6. BBC Thread: Seizing the zeitgeist for ethical fashion, the BBC launched an online fashion magazine earlier this month, targeted at young, socially conscious consumers interested in self-described “eco-fabulous” style. The magazine’s content runs the gamut from environmentally friendly to ethically-conscious and for once, has a definition of what this actually means.



7. HintMag: Hintmag has developed a cult following for its in-depth ‘Hinterviews’ with hard-to-pin-down fashion royalty. This month, Stephen Jones, London’s legendary milliner, reveals what its like to work on designing runway-worthy headgear for fashion designers ranging from Rei Kawakubo to Marc Jacobs to John Galliano.




8. Every 156 hours, Fashion156 releases a new issue of its online magazine, in keeping with fast fashion, in the most literal sense of the word. With Susie Bubble as a key contributor and a desire to make Fashion156 a platform for new talent, this site has a fresh take on all things fashion — including a clever model that includes links to commerce partners, which likely create revenue from affiliate sales and commissions.



9.Very Elle: Earlier this month, Elle France launched this new integrated online/offline magazine property which takes the offline magazine and replicates it verbatim online — complete with full-page advertisements. Its en français, but you can still get a feel for how some offline magazines may try to get into this space to directly leverage their content online, while maintaining the feel of a real magazine.



10. Iconique: First launched in 2000 (and therefore, a pioneer in this space), Iconique magazine is the  brainchild of of Joost van Gorsel. Designed using flash, which is not necessarily great for quick download times, the site still manages to evoke real moods and tantalise with its virtual catwalks, stylish podcasts and a sexy welcome message.

Which online fashion magazines do you rate highly? Let the BoF community know who else is doing something special.

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  1. I’m suprised that you haven’t mentioned Luxury Culture ( in your line-up. That is THE luxury fashion magazine!

    Chloé de Saint Pierre from Paris, Île-de-France, France
  2. is a website of note. They have videos, their own fashion spreads, news, networking opportunities, and more. I enjoy the fashion spreads they feature the most.

  3. Great post! I’ve been waiting to see an article addressing online fashion magazines for a while. However, it’s starting to become increasingly difficult to determine the difference between a website and an online magazine. You’ve already mentioned my two favorites- T Magazine and Iconique. I am anticipating the arrival of WSJ. (the Wall Street Journal’s luxury magazine), although there is no mention of a website, it would be foolish not to create an online edition. I’m keeping the look out for this one. Thanks for the other magazines, it’s hard to find good fashion web content these days.

  4. I’d like to throw in my vote for JC Report, though they probably aren’t quite so cutting-edge as you demand. I loooove fashion websites and cannot get enough of them, since print comes out only once a month, if we’re lucky, twice a year, if we’re not (but then it’s worth waiting for).

    Anjo from Stanford, CA, United States
  5. Sorry to post twice, but I wanted to say a little more. First, sorry if I post with embarrassing frequency here, but it’s very hard to tire me of fashion so I basically devour it around the clock (I like to think of it as educating myself with a career in mind). But when I go to fashion online, I’m looking much more for content like interviews or stories (print or video) than photoshoots- I prefer to get those in print, not sure why, but it seems more legitimate. Maybe because anyone can put photographs online, but getting your photography in a mag takes much more effort.

    Anjo from Stanford, CA, United States
  6. How about some feedback on this online magazine that was created a year ago. Built on the comcept of it being a magazine reading experience not a website. It’s free, features PFD downloads, changable backgrounds, maintains a “Green” section, has intergrated video, content is like reading a glossy at home.

  7. Should be considered? They seem to go a little bit deeper into the industry mechanics, albeit only one aspect. They always have the best images though.

    Smudges from New York, NY, United States
  8. Assouline is incredible! T doesn’t come close in scope.

    t from Toronto, ON, Canada
  9. A great online magazine under the radar is This site should be on your list for sure. The magazine features some great emerging design talent and awesome fashion editorials.

    Paul from Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
  10. Its a pretty nice list ! Hopefully one day we will be into this list, but i think its only a question of Budget… With budget, good programmers, its not hard to find and write good content ! For now without any budget, we are growing and growing everyday… but we are a small fish compare to those big whales… :)

  11. I honestly feel that is one of the BEST online magazines out. I love its clean and engaging layout. I love the video articles “Quest for Style” and “Model Moments” I also love the fact that they showcase diversity in model selection…it’s like the United Colors of Bennetton of fashion magazines.

    Linda Loa from New York, NY, United States
  12. Hey…for all your magazine requirements out of US, i would recomment this website to all the fashion lovers……They carry a huge selection of magazines from all over the world

  13. Great post! I would like to vote for It’s very different and is like no other! Really!

    Cindy from Pensacola, FL, United States
  14. I’m interested all fashion.

    Nang Anny Shine from Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar
  15. I’ve looked at your top 10 but honestly besides 2 or 3 names the rest are just not in that top 10…there are a lot of magazines outthere worthing your attention…The one I found worthing is would be nice taken it into consideration..great content and interactivity

    biz from Cannes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
  16. Also check out ! Florum Fashion is a green, eco friendly, sustainable online fashion magazine based out of San Francisco, CA

    Noelle Lynne from San Francisco, CA, United States
  17. is a website of fashion magazine subscription. We are retailer of all fashion magazine subscriptions.

    Manish Golchha from India