Designer skins, Copyright cash, YSL and Fashion billionaires


Pimp your Google homepage (CNet)
iGoogle, the popular service from the Internet behomoth, has partnered with Oscar de la Renta, Tory Burch and Dolce & Gabbana to provide designer skins for users to personalise their iGoogle pages.

Adidas wins $305m in copyright case (WWD)
Following our revelations about Steve Madden’s blatant copying, Adidas is awarded $305m in the largest award ever in a trademark case against Payless.

Valerie talks to Vanessa (Financial Times)
Vanessa Friedman interviews Valerie Hermann, chief executive of Yves Saint Laurent, to learn how she is digging the historic French house out of the red.

The Fashion Billionaires (Forbes)
Forbes has released a list of the world’s fashion billionaires, with Amancia Ortega, Stefan Persson and Bernard Arnault heading up the list.

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  1. What about Balenciaga ripping off of other designers? Remember the fuss over that Kaisik Wong waistcoat a couple of years ago? This Cathy Horyn article talks about that and copying in general – interesting read. “There can be no doubt that Nicolas Ghesquiere, the Balenciaga star who is often hailed for his originality, copied the work of a little-known designer from San Francisco named Kaisik Wong. Not only does a Balenciaga patchwork vest from the spring collection resemble one that Mr. Wong designed in 1973 — right down to the eccentric shape of the patches and the placement of decorative tassels — but in an interview last week from Paris, Mr. Ghesquiere admitted that he had copied the garment.”

    Caricouture from Galway, Galway, Ireland