Luxury Briefing Conference | Exploiting the potential of new markets


LONDON, United Kingdom – By now, it is well known that Japan, Western Europe and North America are already well into recessionary mode, but emerging markets have not been spared either. In India, so the wisdom goes, people spend for occasions but during this year’s Diwali Festival, usually brisk sales of diamonds have stalled, as consumers tighten their belts. In China, at a major luxury goods fair in Shanghai, accessibly-priced merchandise moved, but the most pricey items sat on the shelf.

Perhaps more than ever before, luxury businesses need to seize new business opportunities in emerging markets, but the market context there is changing so fast, it is hard to keep up with it all.

James Ogilvy has convened a great set of speakers to provide their perspectives on the opportunities presented by emerging markets against the backdrop of global economic doom and gloom at the annual Luxury Briefing Conference. Sheikh Majed al-Sabah of Villa Moda, Chris Colfer of Dunhill, and Tyler Brule of Monocle are amongst the experts scheduled to speak.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to present my own points of view on “What work’s where?”, focusing on case studies from in India and China.

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