Luxe Ad sales down, Barney’s mailer, Paris shopping, Perfumers, Macy’s consolidation

Marc Jacobs party

For Luxury Brands, Less Money to Spend on Ads (New York Times)
The rapidly plummeting market for luxury goods in the United States (down 20.1% in October according to MasterCard) is having a knock-on effect on advertising spending.

Barney’s Designer Mailer Online Catalogue (Dualité)
Following in the steps of Net-a-Porter, Barney’s “Designer Mailer” signals a continuing trend in “shoppable editorials” online.

Paris’s newest and hippest shopping destination (IHT)
In Paris on Rue Mont Thabor, “a quiet [shopping] revolution has been taking place since the Maria Luisa store, with its raft of artfully selected designers, moved there after 20 years on Cambon.”

Perfumers Make Their Big Holiday Push (WSJ)
Despite fragrances’ slumping sales this year, companies are still launching new scents just in time for the holidays.

Macy’s Said Considering Consolidation (WWD)
Macy’s will consolidate its company from four into two divisions.

Marc Jacobs Holiday Party 2007, photo courtesy of The New York Times and