Holiday Shopping, E-commerce scales back, Luxury shame, Promoting high-end goods


Holiday Shopping Off to Strong Start (WSJ)
Due to door-buster deals, retail sales on Black Friday were strong, but crowds petered out over the course of the weekend.

As Online Shopping Scales Back, Big Names Will Dominate (Seeking Alpha)
According to a J.P. Morgan survey, “nearly 30 percent of online shoppers say they plan on spending less this year during the holidays than last year.”

Luxury Shame (Newsweek)
In these difficult economic times, conspicuous consumption isn’t en vogue—even for the richest of the rich.

Celebrating Luxury in the Time of Melancholia (New York Times)
Many luxury magazines are trying to figure out how to promote expensive items without seeming “out of touch.”

Black Friday shopping, photo courtesy of the Boston Globe.

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  1. Shame ? Yeah right! The class envy of the media is out of control. There is no shame in our game. We have the money and we invest and spend. Wats there to be ashamed of . PAHLEEZE! I am responsible, I did not charge and become a poser so why should i be ashamed to shop and spend on pricey things.

    Lo from Edison, NJ, United States