Wal-Mart wins, Blass’ swan song, Veggies in skin care, Chanel cuts jobs

Photo courtesy of Ravi Patel

Wal-Mart, courtesy of Ravi Patel

Retail Winners and Losers This Holiday Season (Seeking Alpha)
“Wal-Mart is the only real retail winner during the 2008 holiday shopping season, which is presaging more retail bankruptcies in the year ahead,” reports Seeking Alpha.

A long swan song for the Blass House (IHT)
It was the beginning of the end when Bill Blass sold his eponymous label in 1999.

Veggies invading the skin care market (IHT)
The supermarket produce section is the new source of ingredients for beauty companies.

Chanel to cut 200 jobs as the rich tighten their belts (The Telegraph)
As the wealthy tighten their belts, Chanel is expected to cut 200 jobs in France.