Designers’ reaction in Paris, Luxe prices, Barneys’ Socol replaced

Raf Simons a/w '09-'10, photo courtesy of The New York Times.

Raf Simons a/w '09-'10, photo courtesy of The New York Times

Fashion: How Do You Sell in Paris? With Romance (The New York Times)
In Paris, “unless the economic crisis worsens, designers are not likely to react in a meaningful way. That’s because men’s fashion has enjoyed an incredible run among young consumers in the last decade, with some of the strongest interest directed to tailoring.”

The $43,000 Recession Suit (WSJ)
With many retailers staying conservative amid the recession, some luxury companies such as Brioni are still peddling products with exorbitant price tags.

A Leaderless Barneys seems Fit To Be Sold (NY Post)
Isthismar, the Dubai based investment firm that bought Barneys last year, has now replaced Howard Socol as CEO.

Shoe Retailer Barratts Files for Administration (AP)
One of the UK high street’s most beloved shoe institutions files for bankruptcy, in the latest sign of the worsening economic climate.