Vogue has become stale, Trends in 2008, Morgan goes bankrupt, Minority stakes

Vogue Magazine, photo courtesy of  the New York Times.

Vogue Magazine, photo courtesy of the New York Times

What’s wrong with Vogue? (New York Times)
“Vogue has become stale and predictable, and it has happened in spite of some of the best editors, writers and photographers in the business.”

Lunchtime Snap: The Highs and Lows of 2008 Runway Fashions (WSJ)
The Wall Street Journal breaks down the most ubiquitous trends of 2008.

French fashion retailer Morgan files for bankruptcy (Times UK)
Morgan, the French retailer that counts Carla Bruni as one of its models, has filed for bankruptcy.

European Firms Seek Minority Partners (WWD)
“Minority stakes are becoming newly de rigueur with private equity and family-controlled funds, which are still sitting on cash piles and hunting for deals.”