Online balancing act, End of the runway, Label survival, Nike’s restructuring plans

A difficult balancing act

A difficult balancing act

Karl Lagerfeld Discusses Luxury Internet Sales with European Commission (WSJ)
“The explosion of online retailing leaves fashion houses with a difficult balancing act between exclusive image and exposure.”

Fashion Sees The End Of The Runway (Forbes)
“The catwalk’s diminishing presence doesn’t come as a major surprise considering how much the role of the runway has changed over the years.”

Inside a Fashion Label’s Scramble to Survive (WSJ)
The Wall Street Journal profiles Five Four, a menswear label that is, “scrambling to survive.”

Nike’s ongoing restructuring (Just-Style)
Nike’s 1,400 job cuts are due to its restructuring plans rather than the economy.

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  1. Glad you shared the WSJ article with Karl Lagerfeld reporting his opinions to the European Commission on ‘Luxury Internet Sales’. I was unaware this topic was on the table and will be watching the conversation, but unfortunately, the article did not clarify what exactly was at stake, leaving me with more questions than answers.

    Randall from San Jose, CA, United States