Saks’ pricing, Runway change, Indian retail squeeze, Show must go on in New York

Saks' Signature Bag

Saks Signature Bag

Saks Upends Luxury Market With Strategy to Slash Prices (WSJ)
Saks’ deep discounting before the holiday season will have a long-term effect on the consumer psychology.

Fashion Walks a Fine Line (WSJ)
During New York Fashion week, you’ll see dour and spunky on the runways, the magic blend that will court customers.

Retailers feel credit squeeze in India (FT)
“India’s biggest discount retailer said that hundreds of its stores had been attacked at the weekend after it failed to pay its security guards, in a sign of the potential socio-economic implications of the credit crisis hitting the sector.”

Shows must go on (The National)
In New York, despite the series of upheavals in the industry just before fashion week, “shows must go on.”