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Image courtesy of Rad Hourani

Image courtesy of Rad Hourani

MONTRÉAL, Canada – It’s been a year since BoF last spoke with stylist-turned-designer Rad Hourani. Since then, his collection has been taken on by fashion-forward boutiques Joyce and IT in China, Cache in Bulgaria, Seven Boutique in New York, and Canada’s Holt Renfrew and Reborn.

All the while Hourani has continued to use photography and film to express his razor-focused personal aesthetic, built around the colour black. This captured the attention of Hywel Davies, a contributor to London-based SHOWStudio, a collaborative online fashion community that fuses fashion with interactive online projects, film and live performance a perfect fit for Rad’s craft.

“Film is an important part of my brand’s image-making process,” he says. “I’m involved every step of the way, from the clothes to the photography, graphic design and web layout.” Rad participated in SHOWStudio’s FutureTense project, a collection of film shorts and essays from some of the world’s emerging fashion designers, expressing their thoughts and feelings on fashion.

Rad has also been adding accessories to his collection, integrating shoes, bags, and jewelry into his offering.  He insists that this is part of the global vision of his aesthetic, as opposed to some sort of crass commercialisation. “I like the strength of a sharp black line, and when I do eventually come up with items such as sunglasses or perfume, it’ll be to strengthen the concept, not to dilute it.”

As for the colour black, he stands firm. “I don’t need to be the one who makes the boldest statement every season,” he asserts. “I’d much rather commit to my personal aesthetics and that of the people who like to wear my clothes. Black is mysterious, chic, modern and eternal.”

Rad Hourani debuts his Fall/Winter 2009 collection on Friday, February 20, 2009 in New York.

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  1. I heard that Rad Hourani is the new director of Dior Homme, that’s Genius!
    I’m going to buy the whole collection!!!!!

    thomas from New York, NY, United States