Inside the Studio | Giles Deacon | Chapter I

“Unstructured exploration…”

In the years before he became an overnight household name in the United Kingdom, when Linda Evangelista walked down his runway for free, Giles Deacon spent more than 10 years exploring not the world, but rather the people and environment in which he lived.

The first chapter of Giles’ story explains how he came to be a fashion designer and launch his own label, GILES. It reveals how the accidents of life can change the course of fashion history.

Inside the Studio | Giles Deacon was generously supported by Swarovski

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  1. What a likeable guy. I simply can’t wait until the next episode!

    Ruby from London, London, United Kingdom
  2. Such a genuinely nice guy…an incredibly humble visionary and the kind of creative representation the UK needs. He still looks the same as he did 10 years ago!

    Hope the next episode isn’t too far away.

    Catherine from Kingston, Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom
  3. Bravo Imran,
    What a wonderful thing you have done here on BOF! This video, and I’m sure the ones to follow are well done with insightful information on independent designers such as Giles Deacon. As an independent myself I feel as though BOF is really a home for us designers trying on our own. BOF offers not only the glitz and glamour of fashion but also the nitty gritty market info often lacking on some sites. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
    I missed you last time at the Swiss Textile Awards but hope to meet you next time if you do end up attending again.
    Cheers from Switzerland!

    La Genevoise from Gonten, 10, Switzerland
  4. Well done, and I’m so happy at the tone you’re taking, very smart and compelling (very Imran…! ;)

    Randall from United States