Inside the Studio | Giles Deacon | Trailer

LONDON, United Kingdom The Business of Fashion is pleased to announce the launch of Inside the Studio, a series of in-depth interviews providing a 360 degree view of the world’s top fashion designers and their roles as both creative and business people.

Supported by Swarovski and produced by and developed in association with Make Believe, the first interview features renowned fashion designer Giles Deacon who celebrated his 10th season at London Fashion Week in September 2008. In a rare one-on-one conversation, Deacon speaks at length about his decision to become a fashion designer, the nature of his creative process, and his approach for managing an independent fashion business in these troubled economic times.

Inside the Studio moves beyond the ephemeral trend- and celebrity-watching common in the fashion media to reveal a fascinating side of the industry that is rarely seen.

Giles’ story will be revealed in three chapters on and in the coming weeks:

Chapter I – Foundation
“Unstructured Exploration…” (3 February, 2009)

Chapter II – Creative Process
“A Designer Who Has Always Drawn…” (9 February, 2009)

Chapter III – Business
“The Surprise of Collaboration…” (16 February, 2009)

Stay tuned for the first video which debuts on Tuesday, 3 February at 12:00 noon, London time.