Browne down, Indian fashion, H&M currency hit, America’s favourite retailers, Fashion inclusiveness

Thom Browne, courtesy of NYMag

Thom Browne, courtesy of NYMag

Is Thom Browne Going Downe? (Blackbook)
With lavish spending on tailors and elaborate shows, Thom Browne’s business may be amongst the first high-profile independent designers to face financial difficulties as demand for his high-priced shrunken suits wanes.

Breaking into the West is hard to do (IHT)
Due to Indian designers “lack of Western-style business structure and of financial support” their effort to break out of the local market is being hampered.

H&M profits hit by currency turmoil (Drapers)
H&M saw first quarter profits fall back 12% to SEK 3.5 billion after gross margin was hit by currency fluctuations.”

America’s Favorite Foreign Retailers (Forbes)
In terms of market share, foreign retailers are closing in on American stores.

Turning a Page (Newsweek)
“In response to tough times, the fashion business discovers inclusiveness.”