Escada divests brands, Ferre and Damiani unite, Miuccia on CNN, Evisu hires Scott Morrison

Apriori S/S 09 ad campaign, courtesy of Apriori

Apriori S/S 09 ad campaign, courtesy of Apriori

Escada sells off Apriori, Cavita and Laurèl (Drapers)
“Escada has sold off its Apriori, Cavita and Laurèl womenswear brands which operate under its Primera subsidiary, to German investment firm Mutares.”

Ferre and Damiani announce cooperation (Forbes)
“The Gianfranco Ferre fashion house, which suffered the death of its founder and the bankruptcy of its holding company in the span of two years, said Tuesday it was starting a jewelry line to be produced by Damiani as part of its relaunching efforts.”

Fashion Legend Miuccia Prada On CNN’s Talk Asia (CNN)
“She’s one of fashion’s greatest icons, pioneering her own style at the top of the industry for decades. This week, TALK ASIA sits down for a rare interview with Miuccia Prada at an exhibition of her work in Seoul.” Miuccia Prada’s interview will be available online here after the first airing on May 27 at 8.30pm.

Evisu hires chief executive (Drapers)
“Denim brand Evisu has hired denim aficionado Scott Morrison as global chief executive. Scott Morrison, the co-founder of denim brands Paper Denim & Cloth and Earnest Sewn, has been charged with reinvigorating the brand. He left Earnest Sewn just two months ago.”

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  1. Given his credentials, Scott Morrison’s move to EVISU comes as a bit of a disappointment to me; I was really hoping to see him create something brand new from thin air. I’ve never been a fan of EVISU. However, I’m still interested in seeing what he does with the brand.

  2. Given his experience, Scott’s move to Evisu also comes
    as a huge disappointment to me. I can’t help but notice
    the discrepancy between Evisu’s flashy style and Scott’s
    ideology and I would have much preferred to see him start
    something new of his own.

    Chris M. from Montreal, QC, Canada