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The Business of Fashion in Vogue Korea, May 2008

The Business of Fashion in Vogue Korea, May 2008

LONDON, United Kingdom It’s been awhile since our last BoF update. The past few months have been busy on our end, so forgive us for a solely BoF-focused post to keep you abreast of all the developments on our side in recent months, and to share a little about things to come in the months to come.

We are dot-com: Probably the most noticeable change since our redesign in December is our new domain name: That’s right, we managed to secure the dot-com for Business of Fashion despite the fact that some Indian cybersquatters first offered it to us for almost one thousand dollars and then told us they sold it to someone else in the meanwhile. But, in an amazing and mysterious twist of fate, our Managing Editor, Khaleed Juma, happened to find the domain for sale on the Internet for the grand total of $9.99! So, we welcome you to our official dot-com status and invite you to update your links and bookmarks to find us as quickly as possible.

A growing writing team: Our network of global contributors continues to grow. From South Africa to India to Japan, I’d like to thank them all for their ongoing contributions and insights from the front lines of fashion in their hometowns. Thank you especially to our newest international contributors Milisuthando Bongela in Johannesburg and Sita Wadhwani in New Delhi and recent guest contributors Natasha Malhotra in Mumbai and Meeta Roy in Paris. Robert Cordero has moved on from the Daily Digest to become our New York Editor along with Vikram Alexei Kansara who focuses on Fashion 2.0 and W. David Marx who continues to provide us with the smartest Japanese fashion intelligence around. And, congratulations are in order for our sporadic (but much loved) Friday columnist Lauren Goldstein Crowe who has just published her first book, The Towering World of Jimmy Choo, which has received praise from Tom Ford, Diane von Furstenburg and Domenico De Sole. Well done!

Press coverage: Our Giles Deacon video series garnered press coverage around the world, for which we are very grateful. And you can be sure that we are developing the ideas for our next designer interview which remains top secret (but very exciting) for now. Stay tuned. We’d also like to thank Jefferson Hack for plugging BoF on via his ultra-cool avatar, Leon Bailey Green for including us in The Independent’s ranking of the most influential in the UK’s online fashion space, Alexandra Bruell for covering BoF in PR Week, Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin for her chit-chat on Paper Magazine, and Vanessa O’Connell for seeking our input on a couple of recent Wall Street Journal articles on Christian Lacroix and the ever expanding world of discounted luxury goods. Thanks to all for spreading the BoF spirit.

Social media: Right from the inception of The Business of Fashion, we have been avid proponents of social media for fashion communication, and we have been anticipating the ongoing developments and growing (albeit slow) acceptance of these tools by the fashion establishment. To stay on top of the latest BoF maneuverings, join more than 3000 BoF readers following us on Twitter and 1500 members in our Facebook group, and be amongst the first to join our LinkedIn group as well.

bof_shoe_logoThe O-Space (for now): Another design element that we hope you are enjoying is our evolving BoF brand identity, which features the designs of an emerging talent we are excited about, each month. Most recently we have highlighted the sexy stilettos of Camilla Skovgaard, a notable London-based shoe designer whose business keeps on growing, despite the economic turmoil. Think of this space as a place to honour and showcase the world’s best emerging fashion design talent. There’s only one thing we’re not entirely thrilled with the name ‘O-Space’ and we’d like to throw it out to all of you to help us come up with a name that is better suited to this place of honour, right in the heart of our logo. We’re taking suggestions!

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  1. as a suggestion for the O space…

    “O”wn space… since it’s meant for emerging designers and a new creative outlet for their “own” creation?

    I really enjoy your informative reporting and I am spreading the word out here in Montreal, Canada about BOF.

    keep up the great work, you are inspiring.

    regards, Lino Catalano

    lino from Boisbriand, QC, Canada
  2. “O-Space” can totally work if you just define it. Since it seems to have both CEO and emerging designer features, perhaps “Own-Space” or simply “Own” or “On it.” I hope more brainstorming ideas keep coming. . .

  3. Congrats on status. On the Jimmy Choo book, did the author intvu the founder of the eponymous brand? He’s still around and kicking.
    I haven’t been able to get the book yet.

    cicero from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia