The Spotlight | Aganovich

HONG KONG, China — This month’s spotlight is on Aganovich, the designer duo made up of Nana Aganovich and Brooke Taylor, who split their time between their studio in London’s Whitechapel and an atelier at their factory just outside Hong Kong.

Like many emerging fashion brands, Aganovich has had its ups and downs and a couple of false starts. But over the past year or so, I have watched as Brooke and Nana have carefully put all of the pieces in place to re-launch with a sustainable platform in place, including angel funding, high-quality Chinese factories, solid sales support and endorsement from all the right people, including Amanda Harlech and Diane Pernet.


The creative process employed by Nana and Brooke is specific to their relationship with each other and with the clothes they design. Each of their collections is built around a narrative developed by Brooke, an essayist and philosophy graduate, and then realised in exceptional garments conceived and designed by Nana, a Central Saint Martins graduate. Together, they weave together imaginative stories and arresting garments like the ones photographed below from the 0.1 collection for Autumn/Winter 2009 or those from the 0.0 collection for Spring/Summer 2009, as conveyed in a short film developed for Showstudio.

For the rest of the month, a structural red cape from Aganovich’s Autumn/Winter 2009 collection will pop up randomly in the heart of our BoF logo, now known as The Spotlight.

The Spotlight is BoF’s showcase for emerging talent employing creativity and business acumen to make their mark in the fashion business.