Luxury strategy revisited, Interview: Bernard Arnault, Gaultier goes 2.0, Britain’s fashion graduates

"Love of Pink" perfume ad, courtesy of Lacoste

"Love of Pink" perfume ad, courtesy of Lacoste

Luxury marketing plays by a different set of rules (FT)
“The present economic crisis has forced all companies to question their strategies and practices, and this has never been more crucial than for luxury brands and marketing.”

Bernard Arnault: How to manage the transition into quality (FT)
Bernard Arnault, chairman of Möet Hennessy Louis Vuitton, the largest luxury company in the world, does not like the word ‘luxury’. ‘I prefer to think of it as quality,’ he says, a caveat that may seem semantic, but is, in fact, significant: it speaks to the permanent change in the industry that he sees occurring post-recession.”

Jean Paul Gaultier’s Long, Slow Tease (Luxe Chronicles)
“By the looks of things, the fashion and luxury crowds are passionately embracing Web 2.0 as a marketing tool. Hot on the heels of Dior’s The Lady Noir Affaire, French couture’s enfant terrible Jean Paul Gaultier has followed suit with a campaign to celebrate the first anniversary of his Madame fragrance.” Watch the video here.

Britain’s got new fashion talent (Independent)
“The economy may be floundering, but at last week’s graduate shows, creativity flourished. Harriet Walker rounds up the highlights of the student season.”