Michael Jackson | What was his most stylish moment?

LOS ANGELES, United States Today the world is talking about Michael Jackson’s inimitable and legendary contribution to global pop music. But what about his contribution to fashion and what was Jackson’s most stylish moment?

There’s plenty to choose from. This was the man, of course, with the sequined glove, military-inspired uniforms (think Balmain, without the Pagoda shoulder), shredded jeans, distressed leather jackets with zippers, and countless other iconic costumes and spectacular outfits that have been imitated by fans and fashion designers alike for decades now. Even Justin Giunta’s brooch in this month’s BoF Spotlight has a little bit of Michael in it.

But above all these, in our opinion, it is in the video for Smooth Criminal that Michael Jackson was at his most stylish. Set in a 1930′s style mobster club scene, Jackson’s ivory-coloured suit with slightly cropped trousers, paired with a powder blue shirt, spectator shoes and a rakish wide-brimmed fedora hat are the epitome of his unmistakable aesthetic. He also used a bit of patented technology to achieve the Smooth Criminal Lean, which is not as famous as The Moonwalk, but a seriously cool dance move that is burned into our memories nonetheless. The mini-Michael towards the end of the video has been repeated countless times in living rooms all over the world.

According to this nifty graphic from the New York Times, Smooth Criminal was far from his most popular song, but we maintain this is when the man reached his style apogée, flowing naturally from his own music and personality.

What do you think? What was his most stylish moment?

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  1. Smooth Criminal was hot, but Bad was even better. RIP Michael.

    MJ Fashion Fan from London, London, United Kingdom
  2. Im really glad you commented on this. Most of the fashion blogs are pretending it didnt happen as if Michael Jacksons story is only a tabloid tale.

    The shrunken proportions of his tux in “Dont stop till you get enough” makes me think Thom Brown. The couture runways had a fair few sparkly gloves on one hand last season. The video for “Who is it” was pure fashion and who can forget Naomi prancing around “In the closet”. He will be missed


    Maria from Kingston Upon Hull, Kingston upon Hull, United Kingdom
  3. As a fashion designer and ambitious entrepreneur – Michael has undoubtably been the most influential icon through out my life. Peace Michael x.

  4. Michael Jackson’s fashion costumes may be copied but will not be worn and project an inimitable image as he did. MJ is the absolute original in evrything he sang and danced with the matching outfits.

  5. ‘Billie Jean’ Tux

    Jackson’s contemporary take on the tuxedo was groundbreaking. Made from black leather and worn with a pink shirt and red bow tie, it allowed men to approach evening looks in a less conventional way. The look has been replicated on the YSL catwalk.

    Beaded ‘Moonwalk’ Jacket

    The beaded jacket is what Jackson originally wore in 1983 when he performed his first ever moonwalk. Glitzy monochrome as well as fedoras are slated to be a big trend this winter even if white socks paired with loafers continue to be a style challenge.

    The World’s First Air-Conditioned Jacket

    Countless hours blending state-of-the-art technology and cutting edge design experience resulted in a world first: the unique micro air-conditioning and purifying system incorporated into a garment.

    The “AC-7″ jacket was designed and fitted for Michael Jackson by Arfaq. Created in a distinctive military style, the jacket is a captivating combination of Capri Blue with a dash of Light Amethyst. Specially created stones dramatically recreate the effect of the Aurora Borealis enhanced throughout with glorious pulsating rainbow colors. One arm simply shimmers in a torrent of clear crystal droplets. In excess of 275,000 crystal stones, each cut with eight facets, were utilized in the production of this jacket.

    Military Jackets

    Atten-shun! Jackson led the fashion troops in his custom-made, braid and button-bedecked military jackets. Forward march a couple of decades and the Parisian catwalk is crowded with similar strong-shouldered looks. Rihanna picked up a very M.J. denim piece from Balmain-a brand the King of Pop himself grew to favor.

    ‘Magician’s Fall’ Military Half Jacket by Arfaq

    ‘Magicians Fall’, designed by Arfaq for Michael Jackson, is a military half jacket, designed from black dress suede. The garment demonstrates a very simple cut and fall and is very comfortable to wear. In return, this jacket is lined in a fine black silk and is flamboyantly decorated with 18ct gold buckles.

    Gangster Style ‘Smooth Criminal’

    The gangster-style suit from Smooth Criminal was designed by Betty Madden and is a homage to Fred Astaire’s outfit in the 1953 film The Bandwagon. It was much slicker than the costumes Jackson wore in the early Eighties. To achieve the impossible effect of leaning that far forward in this picture he wore shoes that used special harnesses with wires and magnets.

    The World’s First Pair of Adjustable Shoes

    Arfaq designed and developed custom-made shoes for Michael Jackson. These shoes were made to electronically self adjust to his foot. The concept was created because his production company, MJJ Productions, did not disclose his shoe size!

    The ‘Bad’ Days

    For the Bad album, Jackson toughened up his image with masses of belts, buckles, studs and straps, but it was always more glam than intimidating. Mary-Kate Olsen wears the Givenchy version of the Bad look.

    1990′s Glitter

    Jackson and sparkles go hand in hand. He loved to shine and was one of the first to wear clothes entirely encrusted with Swarovski crystals.

    The Swarovski Black Diamond Glove

    In 1994, Arfaq made a Black Swarovski diamond glove for Michael Jackson known as “Healing Hands”, which was worn by Michael Jackson on the HIStory Tour. Handmade with 18,443 diamond stones imported from Austria, from the legendary Swarovski Crystal House, the specially formulated adhesive allows total control and movement.

    Five 9ct Egyptian gold buckles fasten the glove in place, each buckle is extremely light, thus preventing distortion of the finished glove.

    His look inspired this Antonio Berardi catwalk style. Today, sequins work for day and evening wear.

    A ‘Thriller’ of a Jacket

    The flamboyant red leather jacket Jackson wore in the Thriller video is one of his most memorable looks. It wasn’t so much the colour or the style that were important, but the way he wore it, with the sleeves pushed up past his elbows. With that simple styling tick, he set a trend that lasted a decade.

    This is one of Jackson’s most iconic outfits. The bold red leather jacket with exaggerated shoulders is from the video to Thriller. Fast forward 25 years and leather jackets and coloured jeans are enjoying a revival.

    marissa from Stockport, Stockport, United Kingdom