Luxe Redux, Gaultier is inspired, Jil Sander for Uniqlo, Standouts spur spending

Prada store on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

Prada store on Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles

Luxe Redux (Reuters)
“Lavish. Silent. Undisturbed. Visiting luxury boutiques these days can seem like stepping into a time capsule, and in a sense, you are, as retail and marketing plans and products conceived during the bully days of early 2008 are still on display and feel, in this post-luxury age, as anachronistic and appealing as Zeppelin travel after the Hindenburg disaster.”

Let crisis inspire haute couture, says Gaultier (Reuters)
“Fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier said on Wednesday tough times were triggers to think out of the box and that way haute couture will weather the world financial crisis.”

Uniqlo reveals details of Jil Sander sub-brand (Drapers)
Jil Sander’s debut collection for Uniqlo this autumn will be called +J. The collection will feature around 40 pieces for men and 100 pieces for women. Price information and an actual launch date have not yet been released.”

Retailers focus on standout items to spur spending (AP)
“At luxury merchant Neiman Marcus, employees are explicitly asking shoppers about what their wardrobes already include, instead of just helping them stuff their closets with new things. But persuading financially squeezed shoppers to open their wallets without dangling fat discounts continues to be challenging.”