Hermès denies rumours, Olsens conquer fashion, Liberty comeback, Wintour’s power, Fashion finger puppets

Hermès Denies Any Gaultier Plans To Quit (Fashion Wire Daily)
Hermès and Jean Paul Gaultier have vehemently denied recent reports on the Internet that the French designer was planning to quit his position as creative director of women’s wear for the luxury label.”

Good Things Do Come in Pairs (New York Times)
“Very few celebrities are either so fascinating or appalling that they manage to get under our skins, as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have, and it may be because they are twins. Yet their success in a field as competitive as fashion is impossible to deny. The Olsens, who are 23, have succeeded with two different labels simultaneously — The Row and the hip, less expensive Elizabeth and James — and without formal design training.”

Liberty losses reduce (Drapers)
“Iconic London department store Liberty has reduced its first half losses after the relaunch of its West End flagship store proved a success.”

Anna Wintour: The most powerful woman in fashion (Daily Record)
“You know, you can make a hit movie without Steven Spielberg’s blessing and you can publish best-selling software without Bill Gates’ blessing, but you can’t really be a successful fashion director right now without Anna Wintour’s blessing.”

Returnees and Spoofs (New York Times)
“Jenny Dyson, the publisher of Rubbish Magazine in London, is introducing a collection of finger puppets in their likenesses as a sort of tribute to famous fashion figures around the world.”