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Introducing the Gap’s new 1969 Denim

VANCOUVER, Canada — Those of you in North America over the past week can’t have missed the media bombardment from the Gap, the ailing San Francisco-based mass fashion retailer, as it announced the launch of its new 1969 premium denim range, with six new fits for women and seven new fits for men.

Huge full-page ads featuring Anja Rubik appeared in the Thursday Styles section of the New York Times, radio spots with voiceovers from Patrick Robinson, the Gap’s head designer, touted the launch of the “best premium jeans in America,” and a Facebook page was launched with even more links to a Twitter page, a Youtube page (see the video from the Gap explaining the new fits above) and even an iPhone application.

The Gap’s new denim was simply everywhere you looked.

For years, the Gap struggled as fast fashion retailers like Zara and H&M gobbled up market share by delivering the latest fashion trends at a fraction of the price, while American Apparel and Uniqlo slowly took away the Gap’s lock on the basics market, by delivering well cut t-shirts, denim and leggings in a panopoly of colours that drew shoppers in again and again. At the same time, the emergence of a premium denim players like Seven for all Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, Nudie and Lucky Brand found an audience traditional Gap customers willing to trade-up for jeans known for their fit and wash, even if it meant spending more than $200 on a pair.

The Gap’s new strategy ostensibly takes the company back to its heritage as a global leader in the denim category. In theory, there does appear to a hole in the market for good, stylish denim in a variety of fits and washes at a good price. While American Apparel may do denim for cheap, it only does one very skinny fit, suited to its hipster audience but not to the diversity of shapes and sizes of people out there. Premium denim players have lost some appeal of late as consumers who traded up look to scale back their spending in recessionary times. And, while H&M and Zara are solid on trends, they have never really delivered good denim.

But is the Gap’s new denim strategy working in practice?

A long line of customers waiting for the fitting rooms snaked through the middle of the Gap’s Pacific Centre store in Vancouver — something I haven’t seen at the Gap in ages. Almost everyone in line had some of the new denim in their hands. The heavy marketing push and huge window advertisements trumpeting the new jeans and the $20 discount had clearly done their job by bringing customers into the store to try the jeans on.

But, how about those fits? They also seemed to be working, in a variety of styles that suit different body types. My sister instantly found a pair of ‘Always Skinnys’ in a gunmetal grey that were a steal at $59.50, after the $20 discount. When we went to pay for her new find, the cashier told me: “Almost every single transaction I have rung up today has included a pair of jeans. People seem to really like the new fits they are way better than what we had before.”

The response from online critics also point to positive results. Nicole Phelps of has given the new denim a big thumbs up, declaring: “Patrick Robinson Nails It” while our friend Britt Aboutaleb over at says that she’ll be going back for more of Gap’s denim as soon as Autumn arrives.

Even financial analysts are showing new interest in the Gap, long seen as a dog stock. Last week, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst Betty Chen upgraded the Gap to “Outperform” from “Neutral” and raised her price target to $23 from $18.

Overall, the Gap’s new denim is great. The fits are good. The washes are on-trend. And the multi-faceted marketing strategy and introductory low pricing seems to be working wonders for store traffic and sales productivity. The question now is how the Gap keeps them coming back for more.

My advice would be to regularly introduce the new denim fits in more washes and colours in line with seasonal trends (especially now that people have found a style that works for them) and to rework that other trusty Gap basic that’s lost its way: the khaki.

Imran Amed is Editor of The Business of Fashion

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  1. My daughter and I just purchased some of the new Gap Premium Denim jeans at their San Francisco location over the weekend, and they do fit so much better! I was pleasantly surprised the fit for someone like myself (5’4, short waisted, petite) found the Perfect Bootcut to not only fit perfectly in a size 4R, but I no longer had to have them taken up, and didn’t have to live with the enormous amount of room in the back of the pants where one’s hips would fill them out, if I had hips!

    I’ll definetly be purchasing more of these jeans in the Fall.

    Michelle Kirst from San Leandro, CA, United States
  2. Okay, they’re an upgrade from the mom jean and 90s baggy faded, but I think they miss the mark with ultra low rise. It’s so 2005. I’ll happily sacrifice a trendy premium logo for a less expensive version… if it’s on trend. These are not. They are not ‘irresistible’ enough to drive volume. I think this will be a flash in the pan and fade post back to school.

  3. Bought a pair of Petite 0 online, much too big! Doesn’t come in a size Petite 00, even the old Petite 0 fit much better. Big boo!

    Amanda from Kent, WA, United States
  4. I purchased the always skinny distressed and the white boyfriend jeans and absolutely fell in love with them. They fit great and you can’t beat the prices.

    elena from Dallas, TX, United States
  5. I brought sext boot cut and always skinny whilst on holiday in Las vegas and they are the best jeans i have purchased for a long time . They fit perfectly i wished i brought more as they are not stocking them in england yet.

    HELEN CAVE from Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom
  6. I am very much the definition of a pair and over the years have had the hardest time finding jeans that fit my hips and waist withing being way to tight and exposing 1/3 of butt or bunching entirely too much at my waist. A friend with a similar issue highly recommended the new 1969. Sure enough upon trying them on, they fit like they were made for my figure! I couldn’t believe it. I typically end up spending over $150 on a pair of jeans that fit me as well as these do. I am super excited and so is my bank account haha!

    lauren from Fairport, NY, United States
  7. I have always been an avid buyer of Old Navy jeans, as the brand has always been extremely popular in Puerto Rico. Not only do they fit me perfectly, but the quality is superb; having had bought jeans that have lasted 7 years and looked still intact. I can easily find jeans for my figure (I am Latina, but tall for our standard, a 5’7” and having a big waist) and extremely good prices (around 15 USD) Here in London, however, there’s no Old Navy, and Gap is not terribly popular, having cheaper stores like Zara cater for European sensibilities and body types. There’s no way my big Latina butt will fit into Zara’s jeans, which are designed for flat, Spanish women. Neither I find it appealing at American Apparel, which is overpriced for the lack of diversity in its fit range. I am happy if Gap brings here jeans that will actually fit, and are good in price and even better in quality as they have always been.

  8. I have gone to Gap twice now and I really want a pair of the jeans. I have tried them on and they fit me very nicely but they are just too expensive. It’s hard for me to find an excuse for me to spend almost 90.00 dollars on a pair of jeans. I’m going to have to wait until they have a sale or until they drop the price down again.

    Emily from Richardson, TX, United States
  9. The denim is great and they fit beautifully… for a while. The denim seems to stretch and grow over time after every wash. Too bad.

    Karl S from Brooklyn, NY, United States
  10. Bought a pair of indigo Premium Denim jeans yesterday evening at my local GAP in London…washed them late last night, wearing them to work today. So far, I’m impressed. Hopefully they’ll prove to be as trusty and long-lasting as my old pair of regular GAP jeans. Tempted to buy another pair!

    Kevin from United Kingdom