Copying Rick Owens, Burberry looks to USA, Versace quits Ittierre, Girl Next Door, Topman inspires

Imitate That Zipper! (New York Times)
“In recent months, a veritable industry has sprung up around [Rick] Owens, who may be fashion’s most imitated designer. Rival houses are racing to produce their own distillations of his angular flaps, zigzagging zippers, gossamer T-shirts and biker jackets pliant as second skins.”

Burberry May Speed U.S. Growth Amid Deals on NYC, Indiana Space (Bloomberg)
Burberry may accelerate plans to open U.S. stores as premium shop space becomes available at cheaper prices. “Spaces we thought may not have been available a couple of years ago are available now,” said Stacey Cartwright, CFO.

Versace ends licence deal with IT Holding unit (Reuters)
“Italian fashion house Versace has ended its licensing deal with IT Holding unit Ittierre — currently in special administration — for the production and distribution of its VJC and Versace Sport lines, it said.”

Girl-Next-Door Looks Come Back Into Fashion (Wall Street Journal)
“In Weak Economy, Magazines and Design Houses Play It Safe, Replacing Edgy Models With ‘Classic’ Beauties.”

Top Marks for Topman (Guardian)
“Topman has come a long way from being Topshop’s uncool little brother – these days it leads the way in menswear, with top designers watching closely.”