Benetton’s middle age, Shifting luxe behaviour, Valuing brands, John Lewis thrives online, Crowdsourcing fashion

Benetton Autumn/Winter 09 | Source: Benetton

Benetton Autumn/Winter 09 | Source: Benetton

Benetton’s Faded Colors (Time)
“Benetton, which had sales last year of about $3 billion, hasn’t gone away. The ads for its United Colors of Benetton stores are tamer and its growth less stellar, but even in middle age — the brand turned 43 this year — Benetton is proving itself to be a case study in business management.”

Luxe Market Faces Wealth of Challenges (Adweek)
“With economic conditions compelling even affluent consumers to pay more heed to what’s “absolutely necessary,”… survey data on the attitudes of affluent consumers, plus the observations of people in the business of tracking their thinking, point to a market that faces a wealth of challenges.”

Questioning the value of designer brands (FT)
“‘I used to look at $3,000 dresses and think that was reasonable – expensive, of course, but worth it. That’s just what things cost,’ says New York businesswoman Betty Sargent. ‘Then I saw all the sales last autumn and it altered my perspective.’”

John Lewis online fashion sales triple (Drapers)
“John Lewis Direct managing director Robin Terrell said that the department store had aimed to generate £8.5m of extra revenue from the relaunched fashion website in the half year to January. However, it is now expected to hit its target in early December.”

New fashion label relies on web community to design clothes (Independent)
“Beta Fashion, dubbed by its owner as the “first online fashion label whose collections are entirely based on designs submitted by members of its community,” has launched October 21, ready to take on the big labels of this world.”