Gucci downplays logos, FTC targets bloggers, The new American shopper, Gap in China, EU retail regulations

Gucci Autumn/Winter 09 | Source: Gucci

Gucci Dark Brown Crocodile Purse | Source: Gucci

For the Downturn, Gucci Downplays the Logos (Business Week)
“The fashion house is going both upscale and down, but its signature Gs are relegated to the back room.”

New F.T.C. Rules Have Bloggers and Twitterers Mulling (NY Times)
“Beginning Dec. 1, bloggers, Twitterers and many others who write online product reviews must disclose the receipt of free merchandise or payment for the items they write about.”

Pinning Down the New American Shopper (Business Week)
“It’s about information, value, and being green: Today’s discriminating consumers are careful about how they spend, and they’re concerned about the planet.”

Gap to Open China Store In Growth Bid (WSJ)
Gap Inc. plans to open its first store in China next year and expand its overseas e-commerce operations, as part of a broader turnaround effort.”

Luxury retailers lambast EU plans to reduce brands’ control (Retail Week)
“Retailers could gain the right to sell any brand in stores or online, after the European Commission launched a review of selective distribution laws.”