Escada bidding heats up, Languishing malls in Brazil, Valentino finds balance, Japanese luxe, H&M’s secret weapon

Escada Autumn/Winter 09 | Source: Escada

Escada Autumn/Winter 09 | Source: Escada

A fashion coup (NY Post)
“There is a new player in the international bidding war for a European luxury brand. The owner of Faconnable has emerged as one of the buyers likely to scoop German fashion house Escada out of bankruptcy.”

Luxury malls languish in booming Brazil (UPI)
“Dozens of new luxury malls remain nearly empty all over Brazil. Luxury boutiques would not release sales figures but analysts and sales staff said that few high-end retailers in Brazil are turning profits.”

Valentino pins right balance with new line (Reuters)
“Italy’s Valentino has pinned down the right balance for the fashion brand whose founder retired last year with its latest womenswear collection receiving “great response” from press and buyers, its CEO said.”

Japan, Foucault, Warhol And The Luxury Economy (Agenda Inc.)
Helge Fluch… is working on an emerging philosophy of luxury which draws from Pierre Bourdieu, Baudrillard, Foucault, and other post-modern social theorists, and more contemporary references such as Currid’s ‘The Warhol Economy’ and Kapferer and Bastien’s ‘The Luxury Strategy’.”

H&M latest: now we can sell anyone new Jimmy Choos (Times)
“The list of big names teaming up with the Swedish chain grows longer. We meet the woman who keeps collaborations coming.”