Luxury goes social, Bridging the Zac, Slim inventory, Jimmy Choo’s risky strategy, The illusion of brand control

Gucci Facebook Page | Source: Facebook

Gucci Facebook Page | Source: Facebook

Luxury Brands and the Case for $4,000 Sunglasses (IHT)
“Imran Amed, who runs a Web site called The Business of Fashion, said that two years ago, when he started urging big luxury brands to embrace social networking as a communications tool, executives of these companies told him the idea was ‘stupid.’ He is getting a lot less of that these days.”

Zac Posen’s New Venture (WWD)
“Z Spoke is a new vocabulary for Posen, and the keyword is sportswear. ‘I think it’s going to surprise people,’ says Posen, who describes the 60-piece range, which is strong on separates such as knits, cotton shirting, blazers and pleated khaki shorts, as ‘minimalist and utilitarian.’”

Luxury Stores Trim Inventory and Discounts (NYT)
“All around Saks Fifth Avenue, merchandise is sold out. The $2,520 Marni shearling vest? Gone. The $5,295 Brioni leather bomber jacket? Only one left. The $1,995 over-the-knee Christian Louboutin boots? ‘All gone, except for this,’ said Nick Passerelli, a Saks employee, dangling a size 11 boot from his fingers.”

Will the high street scuff Jimmy Choo’s image? (Times)
“That does not solve the branding problem. If your business is selling trinkets (or shoes) to the truly rich and vulgar, does it make sense to market a range that tells the buyer that her wealth is, frankly, a bit juvenile. Or that her shoes are junior Choos?”

The Illusion of Brand Control (Harvard Business Review)
You’ve probably heard by now that “your brand is no longer yours.” The assertion’s based on simple math. In the era of blogs, discussion boards, Facebook, Twitter, and other Web 2.0 tools, virtually everyone can get online and talk about your company and its offerings. As a result, the amount of information your marketing and PR departments can generate is only a small percentage of the total volume of content on the Internet about your firm.”