The Business of Gaga, PPR’s planned acquisition spree, Tailoring art direction, Luxury pricing, Steve J and Yoni P

The Business Of Lady Gaga (Forbes)
“In the cacophony of the music business, Gaga has broken through the clutter with muzzle velocity, becoming a superstar in scarcely a year. Her first album, The Fame, is the best-selling debut album of 2009. Her single Just Dance has been viewed 87 million times on YouTube. Gaga’s tracks have clocked 20 million downloads this year. One of them, Poker Face, is the most downloaded tune in the history of U.K. digital music.”

Heir to Gucci Empire Reveals Plan to Double Bet on Fashion (Wall Street Journal)
“A 12-person team within PPR has drawn up two lists. The first enumerates a new set of 20 possible industry buyers for the three retail businesses up for grabs, Mr. Pinault said during the interview. The second list targets a dozen potential luxury and lifestyle brands PPR would be interested in buying.”

Tailoring the Image to Fit the Clothes (NY Times)
“It is Patrick Li’s peculiar job, as an art director and graphic designer for some of the hottest new clothing designers in the business, to articulate their vision in the single nanosecond it takes to look at the name on the label of a dress or a T-shirt.”

Luxury brands avoid price cuts at all costs (Toronto Sun)
“Tiffany, like all retailers, has struggled during the global economic downturn as consumers tightened their purse strings. As a result, North American big box, discount and grocery stores have resorted to drastic prices cuts to lure shoppers. Metro and Loblaws, Sears and Walmart Canada have all gone head-to-head in price wars. Luxury brands however, have done quite the opposite. Instead, exclusive shops have opted to shrink inventory levels to avoid offering steep discounts.”

Steve J & Yoni P Makes Waves in London (Korea Times)
“Rising designers Steve Jung and Yoni Pai are making a name for themselves on the British fashion scene with their chic, impeccable designs with quirky details.”