Christmas comeback, The $900 million Day, Coach’s secrets, Sherman exits womens, Carolina Herrera in Moscow

Barneys "Have a Witty Holiday" Catalogue: Source: Barneys New York

Barneys' "Have a Witty Holiday" Catalogue: Source: Barneys New York

Luxury retailer look to stage Christmas comeback (Market Watch)
“A year after the luxury sector reported the worst holiday season in the already-battered retail industry, high-end retailers are hoping a variety of gambits, from increased exclusives to emphasis on telling why an item is special, can cast that holiday magic.”

Record ecommerce sales number reached (Biz Report)
“They predicted it and it has now happened: more than $900 million has now been spent in a single day of online shopping. According to the latest comScore information Green Tuesday (December 15) ecommerce sales reach $913 million.”

Coach’s 7 Secrets to Selling Luxury (The Motley Fool)
“Saving face in tough times is a particularly dicey exercise for luxury retailers. When brand prestige is your currency, an ill-conceived, short-term, budget-minded makeover can lead to long-term brand destruction.”

Ben Sherman to Drop Women’s Wear in 2010 (NBC)
“It’s not secret that the British-based clothing company has had a very difficult year, but a move as massive as dropping womenwear altogether hints at big changes afoot for the retailer to make ends meet for 2010.”

Herrera lures Russians with boutique show (Reuters)
“American fashion designer Carolina Herrera followed in the footsteps of her sartorial colleague Giorgio Armani this week by vying for a piece of Russia’s recovering luxury good market — the world’s fourth largest.”