Alexander McQueen, 1969-2010

Alexander McQueen

At his last show, Paris October 2009 | Source:

Alexander McQueen, A True Master (WWD)
“The London-born McQueen’s death unleashed a torrent of shock and anguish from designers, retailers and others in the fashion world. ‘In a world where every man and his dog is a designer, Alexander McQueen was the real deal.’”

Alexander McQueen, found dead on February 11 (Telegraph)
“Alexander McQueen, who was found dead on February 11 aged 40…was celebrated as the ‘bad boy of British fashion’ – an aggressively-talented tailor who refused to compromise and was all-the-more lauded as a result.”

Alexander McQueen, Dark Star of International Fashion (IHT)
“His death at age 40 also may force the industry to examine the current environment in which a generation of young designers is under unprecedented pressure to expand each fledgling brand.”

A Visit to London (NY Times)
“He was very confident, clear, mature and certainly eager to talk about his ideas about the Web. All that fascinated him — its conceptual possibilities fascinated him, as well as its commercial realities. I think we saw that in his October show in Paris.”

A Brand’s Uncertain Future (WSJ)
“The sudden death of Alexander McQueen leaves Gucci Group, the parent company of the British designer’s eponymous fashion house, to decide whether it can chart a future for a brand that was inextricably linked to its creator.”