Robert Duffy’s crystal ball, Men’s luxury in focus, NYFW goes hi-tech, Online numbers game, The science of seating

Robert Duffy | Source:

Robert Duffy | Source:

The Future Of Fashion, Part One: Robert Duffy (
“That unflappability has presumably served Duffy well over the last two and a half decades, as he and Jacobs have gone from being the self-described “rebels” of American fashion to becoming the leaders of a global mega-brand. During our conversation… he talked about his experiences with tweeting and live streaming.”

Rewarding Men With a Store of Their Own (WSJ)
“High-end fashion has long catered to women more than men. Hermès and Coach are the latest fashion houses making new efforts to shrink the gender gap.”

New York Fashion Week Gets Techy (WSJ)
“New York fashion week officially kicks off Thursday morning, in what will assuredly be the most open-and-available shows to the public ever. No, that doesn’t mean just anyone can walk into the tents… But if you’ve got an Internet connection, you can do the next best thing: watch a live-stream of the show online. Fashion has finally gotten technology.”

Fashion’s Online Numbers Game: Faking an Audience (Signature 9)
“Despite a straightforward statement to the contrary, wildly inflated numbers about fashion blogs and websites abound. Sometimes the numbers come from the bloggers and websites themselves – with no verification, other times they’re seemingly pulled from thin air.”

Who Sits Where at Fashion Week and Why (Vanity Fair)
“While everyone knows that front-row seats are reserved for celebrities, V.I.P.’s, and important editors, very little is known about the strategic process that goes into filling the chairs where everyone else sits.”