BoF Recommends | The Digital Organization, 26 March 2010, New York City

Digital Organization | Source: LuxuryLab

Digital Organization | Source: LuxuryLab

NEW YORK, United States — For many luxury and fashion executives, the case for exploiting and developing a strategic digital presence is clear. However, operationalising this intent is another matter altogether. In my experience, assessing how digital competencies should be embedded within an existing organization is the issue most frequently on the mind of luxury brand executives today. ” Yes, I know it’s important.” they say, “but who should do it, where should they sit and to whom should they report?”

This month, we are continuing our ongoing media partnership with LuxuryLab as part of a series of events designed to help luxury executives navigate the ongoing digital revolution. The NYU Stern-based luxury thinktank’s next one-day clinic will help participants think about the metrics, structure, and culture of a Digital Organization.

Too often, digital and social media roles are simply bolted on to existing jobs often those of the youngest people in the room, simply because they know how to use Facebook and Twitter.

However, in order for social media strategies to work in fashion brands over the long-term, they must meaningfully employ people who can think both strategically and digitally at the same time, who understand the culture of fashion, and who have the interest and support of top management.  A brand’s digital voice ultimately comes from the people managing its digital presence, which is of greater strategic importance than ever before.

The last clinic on leveraging The Social Graph was a well-attended and positively-received session. Confirmed speakers for the next clinic, The Digital Organization, to be held on 26 March in New York include:

LANCE NEUHAUSER, EVP and U.S. Director of Digital for PHD, who oversees the planning and investment of nearly $400 million in digital media, creating strategies and solutions that leverage the emerging media environments to enhance consumer experience, strengthen brand relationships and relevance, and drive business growth

SHARON NOVAK, friend of BoF and operations strategy expert whose work was cited in the 2009 Nobel Prize for Economics and has been reviewed and promoted by McKinsey & Company

RUSS WINER and SONIA MARCIANO, part of the NYU Stern faculty who will take participants through an in-depth case study on Intel and De Beers

The agenda is being updated regularly and is expected to include participation from executives at leading brands operating in the digital space.

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