Craftmanship’s demise, Richemont’s prize, Crowdsourcing fashion, Designing for China, McQueen’s final days

The making of a Birkin bag | Source: Hermès

The making of a Birkin bag | Source: Hermès

Europe laments craftsmen’s demise (FT)
“Europe’s luxury goods makers have warned that numbers of skilled craftsmen – prized by dressmakers, perfumiers and watchmakers for their expertise – are dwindling rapidly as suppliers have sourced more production from Asia.”

Ready for the next chapter in e-tailing (FT)
“E-tailing is no longer a luxury for the luxury industry – it’s a necessity… [Richemont] became the first leading luxury conglomerate to purchase a multi-brand virtual store, taking the industry’s involvement with the web to a new level.”

New website brings crowd sourcing to fashion (Reuters)
“An Internet startup called Fashion Stake launching in coming weeks aims to shake up the fashion industry, just as peer-to-peer file sharing changed the music industry.”

Top designers target Chinese taste for fashion (Shanghai Daily)
“The roll-call of fashion designers raising their profile in China over the past few years reads like a Who’s Who of contemporary couture… [but] there’s a debate about how much hope the high-end fashion chieftains should be pinning on the economic juggernaut.”

Alexander McQueen’s Final Bow (NY Times)
“At approximately 10:20 a.m. on Feb. 11, a London taxi stopped at the entrance to Green Street, a normally quiet block of drab red brick houses in Mayfair — drabber on this bone-chilling Thursday — and the passengers, a man and two women, hastily got out.”