Alber on fashion’s future, Fashion Films abound, Gucci Couture, Coach and Target settle suit, Sex and the Middle East

Alber Elbaz | Source: Alive not dead

Alber Elbaz | Source: Alive not dead

The Future Of Fashion, Part Six: Alber Elbaz (
“The word poetic invariably attaches itself to descriptions of the clothes Elbaz designs for Lanvin, but you get the feeling that behind the famous floppy bow tie, there is a hard-won sense of resolve. During our conversation… he spoke frankly about the problems the industry faces.”

Fashion Films Become the Hottest New Accessories (IHT)
“‘Catwalk shows were good in a period when they were restricted, but now billions of people are interested in having a relationship with a brand, so the emotional appeal is more important than before,’… that can be achieved not just physically, but virtually.”

Gucci Launches Custom-made Gowns (WWD)
“The Italian luxury brand is breaking into the rarefied world of haute couture with the launch of Gucci Première, which will offer celebs one-of-a-kind gowns like the slinky burgundy one-shoulder dress Salma Hayek wore on opening night of the Cannes Film Festival.”

Coach, Target resolve handbag infringement lawsuit (Bloomberg)
Coach and Target have settled a design infringement lawsuit, seven months after the upscale handbag maker charged that handbags the discounter was selling too closely resembled its own designs.”

‘Sex and the City 2′: From Downsizing to the Desert (WWD)
“Costumer Patricia Field wasted no chance to beturban and bejewel the ladies to cartoonish extremes… And King seized every opportunity to play on the cultural divides (and unifiers) between the way American and Middle Eastern women are expected to dress.”