Louboutin takes a stand, Macy’s returns to profit, China not a free for all, Luxury lives, Uniqlones invade NYC

Christian Louboutin Destroys Shoes in Web Video (WSJ)
“Two weeks ago, luxury footwear designer Christian Louboutin quietly launched a new website that prominently featured a rather unusual video. In it, a truck drives over a pile of what appear to be Mr. Louboutin’s signature red-soled shoes.”

Macy’s reports profit on sales, margin growth (Reuters)
“Macy’s Inc. posted improved quarterly results on Wednesday as the department store operator benefited from a strong recovery in consumer spending and efforts to cater merchandise to local tastes.”

Hold Off Being Bullish on China’s Luxury Market (WSJ)
“China’s wealthiest consumers shrugged off the global financial malaise faster than their peers in other parts of the world, but high-end Western brands shouldn’t see the Chinese market as a free-for-all just yet, say the authors of a new report on luxury brands in China.”

Is Luxury Dead? Maybe Not (Luxury Society)
“Guess who says the following attributes are most influential in making ‘important purchases’ today: value, price, overall quality, good design and functionality?”

Uniqlones (NY Magazine)
“Seemingly out of nowhere, their cheap, skinny rainbow-colored basics became a kind of New York uniform. Just how did the Japanese discount brand become the hottest retailer in the city?”