Shopping as entertainment, Long-form ads, Personalised social luxury, Cautious outlook from Next, Carrie’s clout

John Varvatos Bowry Street Boutique in the former CBGB | Source: Racked

John Varvatos Bowery Street Boutique in the former CBGB | Source: Racked

Can Shopping be Fun Again? (WSJ)
“Hoping to lure customers with bar offerings, movie screenings and even rock concerts, retailers are giving a new meaning to one-stop shopping.”

Why Long-Form Ads Are the Wave of the Future (Advertising Age)
“Since Lady Gaga’s …”Telephone” made its debut a few weeks back, it’s garnered 28 million views on YouTube, been watched on nearly 500,000 times and shared on Facebook and tweeted directly from the pop star’s site some 150,000 times.”

Social Luxury Is Personal (Forbes)
“Just as water blankets the Earth’s surface area (and sustains life), social-networking technologies will soon cover 70% of the Web. This will breathe ubiquitous global social connectivity into once solitary experiences. The impact for luxury brands will be dramatic.”

Next ‘very cautious’ on trading outlook (BBC)
“Fashion retailer Next has warned that consumer spending will slow after the general election as the new government tackles the UK’s budget deficit.”

Sex and the City 2: has Carrie still got it? (Telegraph)
“For the six seasons SATC ran (from 1998 to 2006), Carrie Bradshaw – aka Sarah Jessica Parker – was a hugely influential style reference…. will Carrie Bradshaw and her fashion-obsessed friends inspire our wardrobes again?”