Back to the core, How we shop, Mystique of the handmade, Valentino not for sale, Fashion copyrights

Balenciaga Giant Part Time Handbag available at Barneys | Source: Balenciaga

Balenciaga Giant Part Time Handbag | Source: Balenciaga

Luxury Market Turns Its Attention Back to Core Customers (Retail Traffic)
“Most consumers have curbed spending, paid down debts and started to replenish their savings. ‘That doesn’t leave you a whole lot of money at the end of the month to buy a $6,000 handbag.’”

How we shop now (Times Online)
“The politicians say it is an age of austerity, yet sales of It bags are booming. Welcome to the era of considered consumption, where we spend more on better-quality pieces, but buy fewer of them.”

The Mystique of the Handmade (WSJ)
“Why the preference for the handmade, anyway? Yes, there are still goods where skilled craftsmanship makes all the difference… But does it matter whether a product is crafted by hand or stamped out by machine, if the consumer can’t tell the difference?”

Valentino not for sale, has to grow: CEO (Reuters)
Valentino’s owners plan to build up the Italian fashion house before selling it and are not putting out feelers to potential buyers, its chief executive said, responding to speculation a deal could be afoot.”

Does Fashion Need Copyright Protection? (NY Times)
“Johanna Blakley, of the University of Southern California’s Norman Lear Center, recently gave a TED talk on the “culture of copying” in fashion, and why this industry… has been able to thrive even without copyright protection.”