Hakaan takes ANDAM, Erdem’s accidental beauty, Luxe prices rise, Chinese in Tokyo, Forever 21′s big bet

And The ANDAM Winner Is… (Style.com)
“Turkish designer Hakaan Yildirim is the newest winner of ANDAM’s €220,000 prize… It was only last February, before his first London show, that English fashion scribes were wondering in print: ‘Who is Hakaan?’”

Erdem Moralioglu: A man for all seasons (Independent)
“His printing technique involves the designer playing around creatively on his computer for hours, digitally altering prints by blurring them or re-sizing them, painting over them and destroying them. ‘It’s always quite a lengthy, organic process and we never really know what the end result will be.’”

Price of luxury rises despite the recession (Telegraph)
“With the super-rich beginning to spend freely once more the prices of upmarket services and products have rallied for the first time since the financial crisis began.”

Japan Opens Doors to More Chinese Shoppers (WSJ)
“Swarms of Asian tourists disembark from a bus with tinted windows, snapping pictures and staring in awe at Japan’s capital city while a petite tour guide waving a flag shouts instructions—in Mandarin.”

Forever 21 Pursues Big-Store Branding (WSJ)
“Teens continue to swarm Forever 21′s piles of inexpensive, high-fashion-imitating party dresses and tank tops. But moving into cavernous spaces, like the 90,000-square-foot spot near 46th and Broadway, is forcing the chain into new categories… where its hold on consumers is less certain.”