Liberty looks forward, The return of private label, Marzotto’s niche, Strategic tweeting, A new elegance

Liberty of London Menswear Spring 2010 | Source: Fashionisto

Liberty of London Menswear Spring 2010 | Source: Fashionisto

Liberty’s new owner sets out plans for growth (Guardian)
“Liberty’s new private equity owner BlueGem Capital, formed in 2006 by a group of former Merrill Lynch bankers… set out its plans for the department store group, which it described as ‘a national treasure’.”

Harrods Create Own-Brand Fashion to Revive Sales (Bloomberg)
“We have invested in all categories as we saw a white space that none of our vendor partners were addressing… Each season we edit our portfolio of resources and instead of filling with only other new brands, some of these dollars and floor space have gone to our own collection.”

Small brands can bite (Washington Post)
“Small brands can carve out a safe niche for themselves in an overcrowded fashion market, former Valentino chairman Matteo Marzotto said, adding that ideas count more than money in the crisis-hit luxury industry.”

Luxury Department Stores on Twitter (Fashion’s Collective)
“It’s been interesting to watch as more and more luxury brands and retailers get on the ‘Twitter train.’ In particular, [watching] how the department stores (amidst their complex organizations) are innovating in this space. Unfortunately, not all have gotten on board, but there are a few clear standouts.”

Looking for a New Elegance (IHT)
“That message echoes through the Paris shows as designers strive to meld — rather than contrast — tailoring and sportswear, liquid and linear, and to absorb the colors of garden and desert into the grey-blue city skyline.”