Middle East focus, Gianfranco Ferré auction begins, Reviving Edun, Gucci Group lawsuit, Goyard’s bible

The newly opened Beirut Souks Mall | Source: Solidere.com

The newly opened Beirut Souks Mall | Source: Solidere.com

India, Brazil on hold, luxury targets Middle East (Economic Times)
“Luxury groups discouraged by thickets of red tape and taxes are putting on ice ambitions to expand into India and Brazil and focusing instead on the Middle East, their No.2 priority after fast-growing China.”

Auction of Fashion House Gianfranco Ferré to Begin (WSJ)
“The auction of bankrupt Italian fashion house Gianfranco Ferré SpA kicks off Wednesday with a call for potential buyers to express their interest. Ferré is the first major label felled by the economic crisis to come out the other end of restructuring.”

Edun Relaunches at Barney’s (Huffington Post)
“Edun wasn’t broken. It didn’t need a rescue. But it did need a revival, and it seems the expertise in efficiencies from the LVMH-tinged new guard, combined with the sheer optimism… might just make Edun an industry leader.”

Gucci Group May Sue Cadbury (WWD)
Gucci Group is seeking legal advice after watching the latest TV advertisement for the Cadbury Flake chocolate bar… The ad is similar to the hologram image of Kate Moss that appeared in Alexander McQueen’s fall 2006 runway show.”

A Tender Tome of Art and Heart (IHT)
“A pair of white-gloved hands opens the mini-trunk and lifts, with the utmost tenderness, an object swaddled inside. What is this hidden treasure about to be revealed?”